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What alternatives are there to Virgin Money Giving?

With Virgin Money Giving having shut down, GiveWheel offers multi-charity fundraisings, with many advantages and additional functionality as well as business fundraising functionality.

Virgin Money Giving has now closed. However, this does not have to hinder your fundraising efforts.

GiveWheel fills the gap left by Virgin Money Giving, offering the ability for multi-charity fundraising. Users can fundraise for up to 100 charities in a single fundraising event, allocating between 1 and 100% to each charity. Take advantage of advanced functionality not previously available on other platforms: track donations offline, auto-generate QR codes, create team pages raising money towards a cumulative target and more...

Services for Businesses:

GiveWheel also offers a number of features specifically for company fundraising, including custom branded dashboards, all for free. Find out more information about our platform for businesses.

An ethical business model:

GiveWheel does not charge compulsory platform fees or take compulsory commission from donations, ensuring that more money goes to charities.