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Bringing you closer to the cause

At GiveWheel we provide our community of contributors with an all-in-one platform containing the tools they need to take responsibility for tomorrow by giving today.

Our Vision Our Values Meet the Team

For donors

We create the best experience for our contributors so that giving can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. We do this by enabling you to discover new causes, donate to multiple charities in a single transaction, connect and share activites with friends, earn points, badges and rewards and track, quantify and visualise the impact of your donations and social actions, all without charging any fees.

For businesses

We take your CSR to the next level by offering a custom-branded microsite for your company, enabling you to create company volunteering and fundraising events and form charity partnerships. Your platform is enhanced through gamification and an employee rewards portal, driving greater employee engagement whilst allowing you to track, quantify, visualise and report on the impact of your CSR.

For non-profits

For non-profits, we've harnessed the power of innovation, analytics and networks to enable you to elevate their fundraising with data driven insights to better understand and engage with your donors. Simply register your charity to begin receiving donations. For an even better experience, customise your organisation page and add your impacts.

Our Vision

To create the #1 platform for social good in the world.

At GiveWheel, we believe that everybody has a personal responsibility to make a positive difference in their community.

We believe that donating and fundraising should be simple, flexible, immersive and seamless in experience. We believe that contributors should be close to the causes they care about and be given real opportunities to connect with their recipients, witness and be rewarded for the impact made by their contribution.

Our vision at GiveWheel is to become the world's leading online community for charity and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We want to be the only place you visit to manage all of your contributions. We want to help you find real purpose in your community through bringing you closer than ever before to the causes you support.

Our Purpose

Promoting impact, for good
Making altruism reciprocal
Making the world a better place

Our Values

At GiveWheel, we are committed to striving towards this vision, continually embedding our core values in everything we do:

A marked effect or influence.

Oxford English Dictionary


At GiveWheel, we are focused on building a community of dedicated contributors and charities. We believe that cross-pollination and collaboration within our giving community can drive a greater impact, and ultimately, more effectively tackle the world’s most important problems.

Appreciation or acclaim for an achievement, service, or ability.

Oxford English Dictionary


We want our contributors to feel fulfilled after giving or fundraising for a cause. That’s why we created the GiveWheel Rewards Portal, enabling charities to connect directly with their contributors, whilst donors can earn points, badges and rewards.

The condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common.

Oxford English Dictionary


Through our ever-growing community of contributors, GiveWheel seeks to help you stay more closely connected than ever before to like-minded people who are passionate about the causes you care about. We strive to make a real difference in the lives of our recipients through social collaboration.

The process of developing effective solutions to challenging social and environmental issues in support of social progress.

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Social Innovation

We strive to harness the power of a more open and connected world through embedding advanced social technologies into our services. We believe in the power of innovation, analytics and networks, to propel charity into the 21st century.

The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity.

Oxford English Dictionary


We recognise that our contributors are making a commitment to support the causes they care about. GiveWheel pledges to uphold the highest of standards with respect to accountability, transparency, empathy, diversity, integrity and quality in all of our endeavours.

Oliver Daniel

Oliver Daniel

Founder, Product

Oliver is a passionate technologist, developer and founder of GiveWheel. With a deep interest in innovation, Oliver's experience includes managing a startup accelerator programme at a Big Four professional services firm as well, as supporting large FTSE100 clients. He is passionate about social innovation and leveraging the power of technology for good. He is also an avid runner, competing in distances from 5k through to ultra-marathon.

Charlie Hart

Founder, Partnerships

Charlie is committed to building impactful and lasting relationships between GiveWheel and its partners. A founder of GiveWheel, Charlie continues to help shape our direction and mission. Having previously worked across a diverse range of industries and early-stage environments, GiveWheel enables Charlie to direct his experience into a founding role and further develop his keen sense of entrepreneurship. As a founder, Charlie is able to build strong relations and transparent partnerships from the heart of the company with partners that share our values and commitment to social good.

Charlie Hart