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Charitable giving, built for business. Fundraise for multiple charities and track all events and donations through a branded dashboard. Auto-generate QR codes, set charity partners, run matched fundraising programmes and more. Create public, or employee restricted fundraising events and handle all of your giving through GiveWheel.

GiveWheel is proud to support both individual and company fundraisers...

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Company dashboard

Show all fundraising events under one banner and track total raised across multiple fundraisings.


Unlimited fundraisings

Fundraise for up to 100 charities in a single event. Auto-generate QR codes to digitise offline fundraisings.


Run employee events

Run internal fundraising events and restrict the visibility to just your employees.


Charity Partners

Nominate charity partners and encourage your employees to support them.

Interested in a CSR platform?

GiveWheel enables volunteering, social actions, gamification and full reporting across your workforce. Read on to find out more...

Discover GiveWheel's CSR platform

Overcome the challenge of implementing an effective CSR approach with a fully customisable all-in-one platform that helps you to boost your social impact and better engage your employees. We take your CSR to the next level by offering a custom-branded microsite for your company, enabling you to create company volunteering and fundraising events and form charity partnerships. Your platform is enhanced through gamification and an employee rewards portal, driving greater employee engagement whilst allowing you to track, quantify, visualise and report on the impact of your company's CSR.

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