Free charitable fundraising platform for event organisers.

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Manage charitable fundraising programmes for all of your events. Whether it's a single annual event, or 100s of events a month, manage and track all of your charitable impact across every event through GiveWheel.


Central Event dashboard

Show all fundraising events under one banner and track total raised across multiple fundraisings.


Multi-charity fundraisings

Fundraise for up to 100 charities in a single event. Auto-generate QR codes to digitise offline fundraisings.


Unlimited events and participants

Run internal fundraising events and restrict the visibility to just your employees.


Nominate charity partners for events

Choose to nominate specific charities and custom percentage splits for all fundraisers for a particular event.


See all of your events and track totals raised across every event and fundraiser in a single dashboard.

Create a fundraising page for each of your events. Allow participants to claim a fundraising page through a single button click. View all event series, and totals raised across each event. Download a summary of each event, showing all fundraisers, charities supported and amounts raised.


Unlimited individual fundraising pages for each event, linked with a combined target.

View all events in the series. Choose the charities to fundraise for across the whole series, or allow participants to choose their own charity recipients for their fundraising pages. Create pages within the series in <30 seconds..

Case study: 300 Runners take part in Aberdeen Airport's annual runway run


Hi Oliver, your entry is confirmed! You are going to: London 10,000

Create your individual fundraising page.

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Raising money for your favourite causes couldn't be easier. Track, quantify, visualise and report on the impact of your charitable impact through GiveWheel.


It's completely free and takes 30 seconds to create an event. Support up to 100 charities with a custom % split.


Gift Aid on donations. Auto-generate QR codes. Quick fundraising set up. Add images, videos and links to your fundraising page. Charites paid automatically. Free for individuals, businesses and charities. No registration or membership fees. View the impact of your fundraising.


Partnering with GiveWheel ensures more money goes to great causes, whilst delivering a first class experience for individuals and event organisers.