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How does GiveWheel raise money for charities


GiveWheel operates two distinct ways for charities to receive money. The first is through GiveWheel’s ‘Donor Assist’ service by which GiveWheel provides a service to assist donors with their giving. In this case, no services are provided to the charity, nor do they hold an account on GiveWheel. GiveWheel pledges to ensure the safe and prompt transfer of donated funds to the recipient charity on behalf of the donor, without taking platform deductions. 

The second way is via GiveWheel’s charity membership. This is free for charities and requires the charity to hold an account on the GiveWheel platform. As with Donor Assist, GiveWheel takes no platform deductions from donations. This is the recommended approach and offers a number of benefits as described below. Note: A charity can decide at any point to take advantage of GiveWheel platform services, at which point Donor Assist for this organisation will be converted to a charity membership.

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You are able to view whether the charities you are fundraising for are Donor Assist, by clicking on the charity's page and looking for the Donor Assist icon on the right of the charity's name. 

Has a charity received money from my fundraising event?

Further details on when a charity will receive money is available here: When do charities receive funds?