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Will charities be able to claim Gift Aid on our donations?

Yes – both for individual donations and donations through company fundraising events.

Gift Aid is a tax relief allowing UK charities to reclaim an extra 25% in tax on every eligible donation made by a UK taxpayer.

GiveWheel enables donors to complete a Gift Aid declaration at the point of donation. This declaration is compulsory for donors intending to allow Gift Aid to be reclaimed on their donation and requires the donor to acknowledge and confirm that they, and their donation, meet the necessary requirements for Gift Aid. GiveWheel does not provide a Gift Aid reclamation service - charities either reclaim Gift Aid directly with HMRC with the donation reports provided by GiveWheel, or receive reclaimed Gift Aid through Charities Trust; a registered UK charity (no. 327489) that reclaim Gift Aid in their own name before transferring to the recipient charities. 

Note: Gift Aid cannot be claimed in some cases, such as where something is received in exchange for the donation. Refer to ( for further details.

Gift Aid metrics on the platform are representative of how much Gift Aid is eligible to be reclaimed, not a guarantee that the charities have reclaimed Gift Aid.