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Gift Aid for donors

A guide to Gift Aid for donors

Gift Aid is a tax relief allowing UK charities to reclaim an extra 25% in tax on every eligible donation made by a UK taxpayer.

When you make a donation, you'll have a option to tick, or untick the Gift Aid declaration option, enabling a charity to subsequently claim Gift Aid.

Note: Gift Aid cannot be claimed in the following cases:

  • When making a donation in return for tickets (raffles, events and auctions) or goods and services. 
  • Making a donation on behalf of someone else or a group of people e.g a friend gives you a £5 note, which you subsequently donate to your own page (HMRC requires the individual donor's details).
  • Making a donation on behalf of a company. You can only make Gift Aid declarations on your own taxpayer status when spending your own money. 
  • If a charity is contributing to the cost. For example, if the charity is paying for the cost of an event / challenge.

GiveWheel does not provide a Gift Aid reclamation service but collects Gift Aid declarations from donors at the point of donation and makes these available to charities. For charities that have connected a Stripe account, donations on GiveWheel are made to the recipient charity who are entitled to reclaim eligible Gift Aid from HMRC themselves. GiveWheel makes this process easy by providing exportable, itemised donations reports that include Gift Aid eligibility.

For charities that have not connected a Stripe account, donations are made directly to Charities Trust (charity no. 327489) for disbursement to the recipient charities. Charities Trust reclaim Gift Aid on the donations in their own name and transfer both the donation and reclaimed Gift Aid monthly to the charities as specified by the fundraiser or donor, minus their disbursement fees.

GiveWheel does not charge platform fees nor disbursement fees.

Gift Aid metrics on the platform are representative of how much Gift Aid is eligible to be reclaimed, not a guarantee that the charities have reclaimed Gift Aid.