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How to fundraise (business)

Create business fundraising

Fundraising events can be run by a company admin or employee. In both cases, the fundraiser will have the option to fundraise for as many charities as they wish in a single event.

It is also possible to create a fundraising series / team pages to link multiple events together e.g a team run with a combined target).

There are a number of options available when setting up a fundraising page:

  • Team Events: Choose between a single fundraising page for the whole team, or multiple individual pages linked together with a combined target. These pages can raise money for the same, or different charity beneficiaries.
  • 'Event Ticketing': Add a quick donation button for a specified amount. This can be used for event entries / tickets, or to add a 'recommended' donation (e.g a pub quiz with an optional contribution). Note that Gift Aid is not eligible, if payment is compulsory to enter an event / receive a service.
  • Custom thank you messages: Optional thank you message for your donors.

Company Admins will additional options when creating their fundraising event:

  • Mark as official company run fundraising event (should be ticked whenever an event is being run by a company as opposed to individuals).
  • Allocate fundraising event to an office/location/site set up previously.