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How to fundraise (business)

Create business fundraising

Free platform:

Fundraising events can be run by a company admin or employee. In both cases, the fundraiser will have the option to fundraise for up to 100 charities in a single fundraising event. 

It is also possible to create a fundraising series / team pages to link multiple events together e.g a team run with a combined target).

Company Admins will have additional options when creating their fundraising event:

1. Share on company page (ensures the fundraising event is visible and linked to your company platform).

2. Mark as official company fundraising event (should be ticked whenever an event is being run by a company as opposed to individuals).

3. Feature on company dashboard (will promote the event on your main company dashboard).

4. Restrict page visibility (this option can be ticked, where an admin only wishes a fundraising event to be viewable to employees, and should not be accessible to any individuals outside of the company - note this requires employees to be registered and linked to the company - see 'adding employees' for more information).


Employees will have the option to share fundraising events they create with their company. Admins can choose to approve or reject these, so events may not appear by default.