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Understanding impacts for charities

What is the impact section on my public page

As part of a charity's page, we encourage all organisations to add impact details. These are quantified and provide an indicative representation of the impact an individual has made, through all their donations to date.

Example: a user has donated £55 to your organisation in the year, and your impacts are set as 1. £20 = Vaccination(s). 2. £10 = Clean water for an individual. 3. £5 = Meal(s). A user will see their impact as:

  • 2x Vaccinations
  • 1x Clean water for an individual
  • 1x Meal(s)

Note: these impacts are presented to the user as an indication/representative. The charity does not have to use funds for these specific purposes.

We recommend that charities list quantifiable impacts/metrics, such as meals funded, helpline hours, individuals helped, rather than non-specific such as funding research. Examples of impact descriptions:

GOOD: £5 = mosquito nets

POOR: £5 = helping prevent malaria

GOOD: £150 = bed in a homeless shelter for a week

POOR: £65 = helping cure disease