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Can I fundraise for multiple charities?

How do I create a fundraising page and split the funds between more than one charity


A common question we get asked is 'can I fundraise for multiple charities in a single event?'

GiveWheel allows multi-charity donations and fundraising for both individuals and companies. Individual users can sign up and create a fundraiser for up to 100 charities in a single transaction.

When creating your fundraising page, you can choose multiple different charities to support, as well as the percentage allocation of the total funds, each will receive. You can choose between 1 and 100% for every charity. 

Additionally, unlike many other platforms, there are no registration fees and 0% platform commission charged. This means that when fundraising for more than one charity, even if you allocate just 1% to a charity, they will still receive the funds raised, without platform deductions. We have also partnered with Stripe to ensure low card merchant deductions and maximise the impact of every donation.

Please be aware that if you have obtained a place for a sponsored event through a charity, that charity may have minimum fundraising requirements, which you may need to consider within your allocation.

Note: Once an event has been set up and you start receiving donations, you are unable to change this allocation or add additional charities, as donations are split by charity at the point of donation. If you have created a fundraising page, but not yet received any donations, then we recommend deleting the page and creating a new one.