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GiveWheel Fees

What are our fees

At GiveWheel we believe fully in transparency. Some established platforms appear to be 'free for charities' but then leave charities with no choice but to pay card fees, Gift Aid fees and monthly charges. 

That's why we set out fully the fees that are involved in any donation, so that you can see whether 'free' is really free.

When you make an online donation, certain fees are inevitably involved. Many sites charge a platform fee (typically around 3%), or take money out of Gift Aid, in addition to payment processing fees. Indeed for the donor, it is often not visible that 5-10% may be taken off every donation you make. 

At GiveWheel we are committed to 0% platform fees. That means that we don't take a cut on any donation that you make. 

The only fees that are involved are payment processing fees handled by our payment provider (Stripe). These are limited to 1.4% + 20p per transaction for European cards.

As such, GiveWheel is able to ensure that more of your money goes to the causes you care about.

See how our fees stack up to competitors.

Charity registration / set up fees
£15/£39 + VAT / per month
£150 + VAT (one-off)Free
Ongoing feesJustGiving
Payment processing

£1.34 (1.9% + £0.20)£1.50 (2.5% of donation) 
£1.04 (1.4% + 20p)
Gift Aid claimed by charity£75£75
Platform fee£1.25 (5% of total + GiftAid)
£1.2 (2% of transaction)
Total£72.41 donated to charity
£72.3 donated to charity
£73.96 donated to charity