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Can I run a raffle through GiveWheel?

Can I run a prize draw, raffle or lottery through GiveWheel?

GiveWheel provides functionality for fundraisers offering prizes and rewards as part of their charitable fundraising pages, including ticketing creation.

Before you set up your prize draw project, make sure you fully understand and comply with the rules set out by the Gambling Commission. As the fundraiser, you are responsible for complying with them, and GiveWheel is unable to provide legal advice. Be careful not to run a draw that qualifies as a lottery or raffle. Most importantly, for your event to be considered a prize draw, you must have a free entry route.

You will also need to provide terms and conditions for the prize draw and ensure that donors are made aware of the following. In providing the information GiveWheel is not taking on any responsibility as a promoter, under the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising and Direct & Promotional Marketing (CAP code) or otherwise.

  1. Who can enter (usually over 18 and only residents of Great Britain). Include information about anyone who cannot enter
  2. How do users enter the draw - give details of the free entry route to enter the draw (more information below)
  3. Full name as the promoter of the competition (GiveWheel is not a promoter
  4. Start and end date and time of the competition
  5. Prize details (what they are and how many
  6. How winners will be selected and announced
  7. How prizes can be claimed, and when these will be delivered
  8. How you will handle any personal data for the draw.

Free entry route

To qualify as a free entry route, it needs to be “clearly explained and prominent”. “Entry routes which incur a minimum, unavoidable cost of entering are still likely to be considered free entry routes providing there is no additional cost” e.g. standard postage.

Please note - regulations are subject to change and GiveWheel cannot provide legal advice.