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How does fundraising through GiveWheel work

Am I fundraising directly for the charity?

When you fundraise through GiveWheel, you are fundraising in aid of the charities. This means that GiveWheel is not receiving funds on behalf of the charities, but rather pledges to disburse these funds to your intended recipients.

GiveWheel operates two distinct ways for charities to receive money. The first is through GiveWheel's 'Donor Assist' service by which GiveWheel provides a service to assist donors with their giving. GiveWheel pledges to ensure the safe and prompt transfer of donated funds to the recipient charity on behalf of the donor, without taking platform deductions. For UK charities and CICs, GiveWheel has partnered with Charities Trust (charity no. 327489), who provide due diligence and secure disbursement services to over 20,000 UK charities.

The second way is via GiveWheel's charity membership. This is free for charities and requires the charity to hold an account on the GiveWheel platform. As with Donor Assist, GiveWheel takes no platform deductions from donations. This is the recommended approach and offers a number of additional benefits. Charities that hold accounts on GiveWheel may choose to receive monthly disbursements either via Charities Trust or by connecting a free Stripe account.

GiveWheel enables donors to complete a Gift Aid declaration at the point of donation. This declaration is compulsory for donors intending to allow Gift Aid to be reclaimed on their donation and requires the donor to acknowledge and confirm that they, and their donation, meet the necessary requirements for Gift Aid. GiveWheel does not provide a Gift Aid reclamation service - charities either reclaim Gift Aid directly from HMRC with reporting provided by GiveWheel, or receive reclaimed Gift Aid through Charities Trust.