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International disbursement fees

Non-UK disbursement fees

With GiveWheel, donors can choose to donate from anywhere in the world in one of four currencies: GBP, EUR, USD, and AUD. In each case, Stripe's transaction settlement currency is GBP. To facilitate fundraising for non-UK charities, a small disbursement fee is applied to ensure the secure transfer of donations.

GiveWheel does not charge platform commission on donations and is free to use for individuals, companies, and charities. Unlike other platforms, we don't charge charities to register or hold accounts on GiveWheel.

Alongside GiveWheel's large database of UK charities, we also support fundraising for non-UK charities where available. For the transfer of donations to non-UK charities, additional fees are incurred as follows which covers international bank and transaction costs and ensures donations are received securely by your chosen charities: 

  • 4.5% disbursement fee on payout to non-UK charities charged by GiveWheel.
  • FX and transaction costs may also be charged by sender and recipient banks, and may vary according to currency conversion rates.

Wherever possible, GiveWheel seeks to minimise currency conversion fees, utilising multiple disbursement providers and actively reviewing rates to enable this.