Running the London Marathon?
Raise money for multiple charities and receive a £10 free donation* and the chance of a run with our Founder**


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Multi-charity fundraising for UK charities. Support up to 100 charities as you want in a single event, and even print off QR codes for in-person collections. All for free - with zero costs for charities or compulsory platform fees.

*Share your story on social media and GiveWheel will even add an additional donation*

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Set up a fundraising event. Choose up to 100 charities to support.

It's completely free and takes 30 seconds. Choose up to 100 charities to support and determine what % of the total fundraise should be allocated to each one.


Share your page on social media, or automatically generate a QR code for in-person collections.

We put all your charity in one place. Combined with data provided by each organisation, you will receive a personalised impact report which provides an indication of every pound donated.

Looking for a training plan?

Check out the resources below to help you plan your training:

*Helping your training go that little bit further*

    Create a fundraising event through GiveWheel.
  1. Set up your fundraising page.
  2. Raise £1000 or more for your charities.
  3. Tag GiveWheel on social media and email us a screenshot of your post.
  4. GiveWheel will add an additional £10 to your event.

** Ask Me Anything run with GiveWheel's founder **

Did you know? Our founder loves running and is himself training for a Sub 2:45 marathon this year. Fundraise through GiveWheel for the chance to run and chat about everything running, startup and charity related.

  1. Set up your fundraising page.
  2. Follow Us on Social Media.
  3. Following the London Marathon a runner will be picked (must be based in, or able to travel to London)

Can't see a charity you're looking for?

Get in touch with us and we can add the charity to the platform for you to add to your fundraising event.

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