72 Reps

Saturday 18th May 2024

John Doe Tom Eames

72 Reps

This is the focal point of the whole challenge, the fundraising and for even being here reading this I would like to thank you for getting involved in the journey, helping to support Mind, Macmillan and ther Vasculitis Foundation.

The premise of the challenge is super simple in theory: Cycle up and down the same particular hill 72 times in so doing riding the total elevation of mount Everest (thus the Everesting Challenge). In practice it is going to be pretty tough...

Why? Well for two reasons:
1. To try and achieve something that has a substantially non-zero failure probability. The ride and fundraising tartegts are going to be very hard to achieve and it is good me for aim for the sky and become more accustomed to being proud in spite of failure.

2. To support my family and all other in positions like theirs by raising money for the charities that have helped them:
- Vasculitis Foundation: Not a well known illness but something that has affected my brother for 10 years now.
- Macmillan: Having lost my dad, stepdad, grandad and many other family and friends to cancer, macmillan have been irreplaceable.
- Mind: Supporting us all through the above, and in many other ways people all over, Mind are doing good for everyone.

Any questions, please reach out to me. Text me or call me (07766108912), email me (tomeames95@gmail.com), check out the instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/__72_reps__/) or check out the official everesting web page (https://everesting.cc/).

Above all: Talk to your friends, tell your colleagues, share your stories, ask questions, donate if you can and get involved. The more community we can get behind this, the more difference can be made to those who need it.

Training Log

Time until event:

2 months, 2 weeks



+£197.50 Gift Aid

raised of £8,849 target

by 9 supporters

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  • Htmlstream
    5 days, 2 hours


    £ 100.00

  • Htmlstream
    1 week, 1 day


    Good luck Tom from all Of us at GWR

    £ 500.00 (+£125.00)

  • Htmlstream
    1 week, 4 days

    Vanessa Utting

    Good luck with this awesome challenge Tom. Some very worthy charities close to my heart x

    £ 20.00

  • Htmlstream
    2 weeks

    Harry Shaw

    £ 100.00 (+£25.00)

  • Htmlstream
    3 weeks

    Stephen Campbell

    Hope you’re able to make the training as enjoyable as possible 🚵‍♂️🧁☕️

    £ 30.00 (+£7.50)

  • Htmlstream
    3 weeks, 1 day

    Tom Eames

    Thank you Colin & Kim Randall x

    £ 40.00 (+£10.00)

  • Htmlstream
    3 weeks, 1 day


    Brian would be so proud of you Tom, he loved you very much and will be with you every step of the way in the fantastic challenge, we will help in anyway we can, to help you achieve this goal.

    £ 500.00

  • Htmlstream
    3 weeks, 1 day

    Ed and Dani

    Go Tom! X

    £ 100.00 (+£25.00)

  • Htmlstream
    3 weeks, 1 day

    P Critchley

    I obviously think you’re crazy but I’m also super impressed!

    £ 20.00 (+£5.00)