Ben Nevis at Night!

Friday 30th June 2023

Ben Nevis at Night!

21 individuals from RBC Bluebay have decided to take on the challenge of climbing Scotland's highest mountain Ben Nevis..... at night!

Raising money for our two children's charity partners - Honeypot and Panathlon.
Links below for more info on the charities - all donations greatly welcomed. no matter how small!

Your team are:
Andrew Haley
Constantine Knox
Danielle Loblack
Dillon Neale
Francesco Gessa
Inara Somani
James Bateson
Jean Bernard Balzan
Justin De Kock
Kiran Karadia
Kirsten Constantine
Lauren Morton
Matt Connell
Michael Waller
Mona Patel
Natasha Breindel
Nicolo Capello
Renita Kamya
Ria Collins
Sally H
Shirin Crouch



raised of £5,250 target

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This event has finished and no longer accepts donations.