GiveWheel for Education

Crowdfund charity fundraisers, institutional projects or student-led initatives. Engage your students with volunteering and social actions.


Engage your students with charity, volunteering and social impact

Empower your students to make a difference in their community by engaging them in social good, charitable giving and volunteering. Provide amazing new experiences, develop soft skills and boost career prospects.

  • Build charity partnerships or crowdfund institutional projects with alumni, students and staff.
  • Encourage your students to engage with social impact through themed actions, including community engagement, climate change and student mental health.
  • Gamification including badges, and a rewards & perks portal for your students.
  • Quantify, visualise and report on your social impact.
  • Better understand your student body and reduce administration costs.

All your initiatives. One place.

We help schools and universities better manage their social good initiatives by providing a fully customisable, all-in-one platform that helps you boost your social impact and the career prospects of your students. Encourage, recognise and reward participation in extracurricular activities; facilitate student-led initiatives for causes that matter to them; crowdfund institutional projects, and develop charity partnerships in the process. All whilst reducing the administrative burden on teachers.


Crowdfund for impact

Develop charity partnerships and encourage student fundraising or run crowdfunding for institutional projects and initatives with alumni, students and staff.


Boost career prospects

Encourage students to make a difference in their community through student-led initiatives. Help them develop key skills and boost their career prospects.


Celebrate success

Make social activism fun, rewarding and educational. Celebrate and recognise student's social good and extra-curricular activities through an in-built perks & rewards platform.


Institutional reporting

Quantify and visualise your social impact, from CO2 saved to volunteer hours. Take advantage of automated reporting, better understand your student body & reduce admin costs.


Fundraising & Crowdfunding for Education

The seamless integration of GiveWheel for Education with our charitable giving service enables you to build and maximise partnerships with Charities. Set up, run and report on partnered events and initiatives right from your institutions’ portal. You can also crowdfund institutional projects with alumni, students and staff, such as building a new school canteen.


Student-led initiatives to boost skills and employability

Empower your students to make a difference in their community and engage with causes that resonate with them through student-led initiatives. From stem cell donor recruitment to LGBT marches, we want to give your students the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership and support, develop soft skills and boost their career prospects.


Engage, Celebrate and Reward.

Make social activism fun, rewarding and educational by engaging your students using gamification. Students can enter team challenges, group competitions and view leaderboards, and even earn points and badges for their contribution. You can even create your own rewards via our in-built Student Rewards portal, such as a discount off your school or university canteen for all students that complete a specific initiative.


Automated social impact and student engagement reporting

Your GiveWheel Institution Hub brings unrivalled integrated social impact reporting. Analyse student engagement by year group or department and run powerful queries to better understand how your institution is making an impact. You can even provide your online community with regular updates by posting your activities on social media directly from your portal.