10 Tips for Running a Successful Online Fundraising Event with GiveWheel

Running an online fundraising event can be a powerful way to raise funds and create positive impact for your cause

Team GiveWheel May 07, 2023

Running an online fundraising event can be a powerful way to raise funds and create positive impact for your cause. With GiveWheel, you can easily create and manage your online fundraising campaign. Whether you're organising a charity run, a virtual cycling event, or any other type of fundraising activity, here are 10 tips to help you run a successful online fundraising event with GiveWheel.

1. Personalise your fundraising page: Take advantage of GiveWheel's features that allow you to add posts, images, and links to your fundraising page. Tell your story, explain why your cause matters to you, and share updates and milestones throughout your campaign. Adding visuals and personal touches can help make your fundraising page more engaging and compelling to potential donors.

2. Utilise EUR & USD currency support for overseas donors: GiveWheel supports multiple currencies, including EUR and USD, making it easy for your overseas donors to contribute to your fundraising campaign. Make sure to highlight this feature in your communications and encourage donors from around the world to support your cause.

3. Create a team fundraising campaign: GiveWheel allows you to create team fundraising campaigns, where multiple individuals can join forces to reach a shared fundraising target. This can foster a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition among team members, motivating them to raise more funds collectively.

4. Set a clear fundraising goal: Define a specific fundraising goal for your campaign and communicate it clearly on your fundraising page. A clear and measurable target can help motivate your supporters to contribute and track progress towards your goal.

5. Share your campaign widely: Use GiveWheel's social sharing features to spread the word about your fundraising campaign on social media, email, and other communication channels. Encourage your participants and supporters to share your campaign with their networks as well. The more people you reach, the more potential donors you can attract.

6. Offer creative incentives: Get creative with your incentives to motivate donors to contribute to your campaign. Consider offering a special thank-you video. Tailor your incentives to your cause and audience to make them unique and appealing, and promote them prominently on your fundraising page to encourage more donations.

7. Leverage the Strava integration functionality: GiveWheel offers integration with Strava, a popular fitness tracking app. Participants can connect their Strava accounts to their fundraising pages, allowing donors to see their training progress and activities. Encouraging participants to track their training activities and share them on their fundraising pages can create a sense of community and motivation among your supporters.

8. Engage with your supporters: Respond to donor messages, comments, and questions promptly. Show your appreciation for their support and keep them updated on your campaign's progress. Building a relationship with your supporters can help create a loyal donor base and increase their likelihood of continuing to support your cause in the future.

9. Update your fundraising page regularly: Keep your fundraising page fresh and updated with new posts, images, and updates. Regularly share your progress, highlight success stories, and showcase the impact of donations. This can help keep your campaign momentum going and inspire more donors to contribute.

10. Share your experience with your supporters: After your fundraising event is over, let your supporters know about the success of the event and how their contributions made a difference. Follow up with them in the future to keep them engaged and informed about your cause's ongoing initiatives and future fundraising plans!

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