How can I fundraise for multiple charities?

How do I create a single fundraiser page for multiple charities?

Oliver Daniel May 31, 2022

A common question we get asked is 'can I fundraise for multiple charities in a single event?'

GiveWheel allows multi-charity donations and fundraising for both individuals and companies. Individual users can sign up and create a fundraiser for up to 100 charities in a single transaction, and choose their own allocation / split e.g 60% for one charity, and 10% for four other charities, and we also support corporate clients in managing their corporate social responsibility and charitable partnerships.

There are no fees to charities, and no platform deductions or commission taken from donations, unlike a lot of other platforms, apart from Stripe card processing fees, which are 1.4% + 20p (amongst the lowest card processing fees), the charity will receive all of the money donated / fundraised - and they are also able to claim Gift Aid.

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