Charity fundraising for your wedding.
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Multi-charity fundraising you'll love. Instead of presents, why not set up a fundraising page on GiveWheel and ask your wedding guests for donations. Support as many charities as you want in a single event, and even print off QR codes for in-person collections. All for free.

*Share your story on social media and GiveWheel will even add an additional donation*

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Set up a fundraising event. Choose up to 100 charities to support.

It's completely free and takes 30 seconds. Choose up to 100 charities to support and determine what % of the total fundraise should be allocated to each one.


Share your page on social media, or automatically generate a QR code for in-person collections.

We put all your charity in one place. Combined with data provided by each organisation, you will receive a personalised impact report which provides an indication of every pound donated.

Your wedding fundraiser

Organising a collection at your wedding or civil partnership is a generous and meaningful way to celebrate the event. By setting up a fund online, you can invite guests to make a donation before, during and after your event.

In addition, automatically generate a QR code to encourage in person donations on the day. Cash donations can also be added retrospectively or tracked as an 'offline' total afterwards.

After the wedding

If you've collected extra donations on the day of your civil partnership or wedding, please remember to pay them in to ensure they are captured as part of your fundraising total, or add them as 'offline' donations, if you are paying them to charity directly.

If you are sending out thank you cards to people who attended, you could also include a link to your fundraising page, or print off and add a QR code to a physical card.

*A wedding gift, on us*

    Create a fundraising event through GiveWheel.
  1. Set up your fundraising page.
  2. Raise £500 or more for your charities.
  3. Tag GiveWheel on social media and email us a screenshot of your post.
  4. GiveWheel will add an additional £10 to your event.

Can't see a charity you're looking for?

Get in touch with us and we can add the charity to the platform for you to add to your fundraising event.

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