Charity fundraising for Ramadan.
Transparent and ethical distribution of Zakat.


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Support those in need this Ramadan. Donate or fundraise for charities including Islamic Relief, Human Appeal, Muslim Hands, Muslim Aid and many more. Support multiple charities in a single fundraising event and support those living in poverty in their local communities. Donate your Zakat through GiveWheel and we'll even add an additional charitable contribution*.

An ethical business model

No cost for charities (zero registration and membership fees)
No compulsory platform commission
Voluntary optional contributions

Set up a fundraising event. Support up to 100 charities.

It's completely free and takes 30 seconds. Support up to 100 charities and allocate a % to each.


Share your page and encourage donations.

Share your page on social media, or automatically generate a QR code for in-person collections.


Your chosen charities will be paid out automatically.

Charities are paid out even when fundraising events are still ongoing. No fees are taken by GiveWheel.

Calculate your Zakat

Zakat: A sacred pillar of Islam

Zakat al Fitr is a small amount that Muslims are obliged to pay as charity at the end of Ramadan. It is considered the duty of every Muslim man or woman.

“And establish prayer and give zakat, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves – you will find it with Allah.”

(2:110, Qur’an)

Make an impact this Ramadan

Make an impact and raise money for a range of charities, ranging from helping communities in need in Asia, providing food packs to those in need, or starting a Sadaqah Jariyah through our recurring 'GiveWheel' donation functionality.

Start a Ramadan fundraising event on GiveWheel, the multi-charity fundraising and donation platform.

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Show all fundraising events under one banner and track totals raised across multiple fundraisings. Manage all of your Zakat donations and fundraisings in one place. Simply register below and create an organisation (business) profile. Get Started

*Additional charity, on us*

    Create a fundraising event through GiveWheel.
  1. Set up your fundraising page.
  2. Raise £500 or more for your charities.
  3. Follow and tag GiveWheel on social media and email us a screenshot of your post.
  4. GiveWheel will add an additional £10 to your event.

Can't see a charity you're looking for?

Get in touch with us and we can add the charity to the platform for you to add to your fundraising event.

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