FordParsons Charity Fundraising 2023

Sunday 18th June 2023

FordParsons Charity Fundraising 2023

Keech Hospice Care

In November 2020 our company Director, Rhys Ford, found out that his 5 month old daughter, Ophelia, was diagnosed with an incredibly rare genetic disease, known as Canavan disease.

Canavan disease is a rare inherited disorder that damages the ability of nerve cells in the brain to send and receive messages. Affected infants appear normal for the first few months of life, but by age 3 to 5 months, problems with development become noticeable. These infants usually do not develop motor skills such as turning over, controlling head movement, and sitting without support. Other common features of this condition include weak muscle tone (hypotonia), an unusually large head size and irritability. Feeding and swallowing difficulties, seizures, and sleep disturbances may also develop.

Currently there are no treatments for Canavan and this is why our chosen charity is very important to us.

Keech supports children with terminal illness and life limiting conditions. They provide medical care & emotional support not only to the child but also the whole family. They provide this care at their hospice in Luton, at families homes, hospitals and also schools. They need over £6 million funding to provide this care and 70% of this comes from events like ours organised by the community. Ophelia is currently benefiting from a wide range of the children's services which is why this charity means so much to us as a business.

Portesbery School

Georgie is the niece of company Director Sam Parsons and is Autistic.

5 years old Georgie is non-verbal and has global development delay and a complex sensory profile.

Georgie attends Portesbery School in Camberley which caters for children and young adults with severe learning difficulties (SLD). Pupils may have additional sensory impairments, physical difficulties or challenging behaviour that also impact learning outcomes.

At Portesbery the national curriculum is delivered in a very student specific way. All children receive an individualised and tailor-made education that provides them with the best possible opportunities to thrive and reach their full potential.



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