Pillars of Hercules challenge

Saturday 5th April 2025

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Pillars of Hercules challenge

Pillars of Hercules
On 5th April 2025 the team made up mainly of police officers from Greater Manchester Police, Lancashire Police and Royal Gibraltar Police are undertaking this challenge to raise money for three very worthy causes. The majority of the team have also served in His Majesty's Armed Forces and share an understanding of the struggles faced by colleagues in all the services which is why the funds are being raised for police and veterans charities.
Many members of the armed forces and policing see sights that nobody should have to see and they do this to protect our country and our freedoms. Dealing with the trauma of service sometimes leads to self medication with alcohol or drugs, often because they are too proud to ask for help. In the worst cases , they are disowned by their families and friends and can end up homeless. The work these charities do is vital to help these public servants pick up the pieces and to try and put them back together.
Here are three quotes from former police and military veterans that have received this support and pulled them from a life of self destruction:

"Thanks for arresting me"
"the arresting officer and custody sergeant are legends"
"I would be dead now without the help"

The challenge will see the team crossing 3 countries (Spain, Gibraltar & Morocco), 2 continents (Africa & Europe), the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean in order to scale the Peaks of Mount Jebel Musa and the Rock of Gibraltar all in the same day, the mythical Pillars of Hercules. It isn't for the faint hearted but it is nothing compared to the struggles some of their former colleagues have been trough or are going through.

The team will begin the challenge at first light on Sat 5th April, scaling Mount Jebel Musa in Morocco, Africa which is estimated to take around 6 hours to get up and down. Once down they will be driven by coach to the ferry port at Tanger Med and take a ferry across the the Straits of Gibraltar where the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet to the ferry port of Tarifa in Spain back into Europe. They will then again be driven by coach to Gibraltar and once they cross the border will begin their ascent of the Rock which will take around 2 hours to scale. The challenge will end when they are stood at the top of the rock with a banner on display.

It is going to take considerable preparation and training to be ready for this challenge so please help them in their goal to raise £6000 for those who have scarified so much for all of us.

These are the three amazing charities which will benefit:

1) Walking With the Wounded who support Veterans with Physical, Mental or Social Injuries on their journey to reintegrate back into society, regain their independence and secure sustainable employment.

2) Police Care UK makes sure both serving and former colleagues who suffer harm, and their families, have someone to turn to. Police Care UK champion welfare that works and provide a confidential program of practical, emotional, and financial support to police and their families.

3) The Royal Gibraltar Police Benevolent Fund - the fund's primary purpose is to provide practical, emotional or financial support to any serving officer and their immediate family who may be experiencing hardship.



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