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The Odyssey Project - Halfordsucks

For me, it’s important to push life to its limits. A day wasted, is a day not lived and when you think about it, we don’t really get many days. Life’s short.

Everybody faces their own challenges in life and it's easy to fall short and get overwhelmed by that. If there's one thing that I have learned from my own challenges, it's that I am far more capable than i could ever imagine.

The Odyssey Project was born just under two years ago after completing my first marathon which felt nothing short of a miracle itself.

My plan is to run from Land’s End to John O’ groats, or for those that don’t know, the entire length of the UK from southern most point to northern most point.

In just a few months’ time, I plan to set off over the course of 4 weeks and solo run over 800 miles.

The Odyssey Project is a series about more than just running, it’s a celebration of the human potential to defy the odds, overcome my personal limitations and to embrace the journey, regardless of how daunting that might be.



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