The Toads Adventure Club Great British Row

Monday 9th June 2025

The Toads Adventure Club Great British Row

The Toads Adventure Club will embark on an around the UK row in support of our amazing UK Children's Hospital Charities. Whether our supporters have chosen to embark on 1 leg or all 6 they are going to have an adventure of a lifetime.

The UK has an amazing network of children's hospitals which are supported by their hardworking charities. These charities aim to make every families hospital experience as smooth and stress free as possible.

This is where The Toads Adventure Club comes in;

The Toads Adventure Club is a nationwide community united in the pursuit of adventure to actively Support, Raise Awareness, and Fundraise for UK children's hospital charities. Our mission is to build a nationwide community of supporters, by doing so, we aspire to provide support for as many families as possible.
Families within our children’s hospitals find themselves navigating unfamiliar terrain as they seek care and treatment for their little ones, this is a situation no one should endure alone. Our hospital charities play a pivotal role in ensuring that the experience is as easy and stress-free as possible for all family members.
Grateful for the remarkable work of The Grand Appeal during his son’s brain tumour treatment, our founder, Dan, established The Toads Adventure Society to guarantee ongoing support for these essential charities. Recognising that many families receive care and treatment from multiple hospitals, not just their nearest.

If you would like to join us on the row please head over to the Rannoch adventure site to sign up -

If you are here as a supporter please find who you are supporting and donate to them specifically. Our Toads come from all over the UK and are able to choose which children's hospital they wish to support. If you're not here for a specific individual please feel free to donate to here were the fund will be split between all of our hospital charities. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated by all who receive your support. We speak from being a hospital family.



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The Toads Adventure Club Great British Row
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