Scaling Mont Blanc for Mountain Rescue England & Wales and Combat Stress

Monday 10th June 2024

Scaling Mont Blanc for Mountain Rescue England & Wales and Combat Stress

Scaling Mont Blanc for Mountain Rescue England & Wales and Combat Stress

**Join Us on Our Journey to the Top!**

This June 2024, five friends—Jordan, Scott, Matt, Pete, and Anthony—are embarking on an extraordinary adventure to conquer Mont Blanc. Our mission is twofold: to challenge ourselves and, more importantly, to raise vital funds for Mountain Rescue England & Wales and Combat Stress.

**Meet the Team:**
- **Jordan** (Expedition Leader, Army): With years of experience in challenging environments, Jordan is the backbone of our team, leading us with expertise and determination.
- **Scott** (Novice, Ex-Army): Recently trading military discipline for climbing gear, Scott is ready to tackle the mountains with the same zeal he brought to his service.
- **Matt** (Novice): A newcomer to climbing, Matt's enthusiasm and willingness to learn make him an invaluable member of our team.
- **Pete** (New Climber): Pete may be new to climbing, but his energy and positive spirit are contagious, giving us an extra boost on the trails.
- **Anthony** (Experienced Climber): With years of climbing under his belt, Anthony brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to our team.

**Our Goal:**
We aim to raise £5,000, a goal as ambitious as our climb, to support the incredible work of Mountain Rescue England & Wales and Combat Stress. These organizations play a crucial role in rescue operations and in supporting the mental health of veterans, respectively.

**Training Schedule:**
To prepare for this challenge, we have planned four training climbs across the UK in Autumn, Winter and Spring to train for whatever conditions we're met with on the mountain. In addition to this, long walks with weighted vests and heavy backpacks are filling the weekends up quickly. These climbs and hikes will not only test our physical limits but also strengthen our teamwork and resolve.

**How You Can Support:**
- **Donate:** Every donation, big or small, makes a difference. Your support will directly benefit those in need and keep our spirits high as we train and climb.

- **Follow Our Journey:** Stay updated with our training and climb. We'll be sharing updates, photos, and stories along the way.

- **Spread the Word:** Help us reach more people by sharing our page and our story with your friends and family.

**Together, we can make a difference, one step at a time. Join us in supporting these noble causes as we climb towards our goal.**

**Donate Now and Help Us Reach the Summit for a Cause!**

We are self funding all travel and expenses for this expedition. All donations will be going to the charities we have selected.

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