Emma and Amber's Big Adventure

Wednesday 1st May 2024

Emma D'sylva

Emma and Amber's Big Adventure

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In May 2024 Amber and I will take on a gruelling and hilly speed hiking challenge in an attempt to raise at least £10,000 for 3 amazing charities! We will be walking a route criss crossing the borders of England and Wales and wild camping along the way whilst carrying all of our necessary supplies for the trip. We aim to cover an average of 47.5km/29.5 miles per day in order complete this challenge in just 6 days!
Total Distance: 285km
Total elevation: 29,806ft (That’s more than climbing Mt Everest!)
Duration: 6 days (We will persevere to the end even if it takes longer)

About us:

I have always loved being outdoors; walking, camping, climbing, paddle boarding, swimming and those trips were always a million times better with my dogs. In 2013 I set out to raise money for a local dog rescue and walked this same route with my first ever dog Skye. I was totally underprepared due to being way too over prepared. By that I mean that I had heavy kit and took way too much stuff incase of every eventuality as I had never done a solo multiday trek in an unknown area for more than a night or two. My pack weighed about 25kg and it was hard going! Nevertheless we completed the route in 12 days and Skye did an excellent job carrying her rucksack.
In 2019 at 12 years old Skye lost her yearlong battle with heart failure and sadly I had to say goodbye to her. Her son Oakley (aka best boy ever) was very depressed when Skye went so a short time after I adopted Amber. She was 18 months old and a totally crazy whirlwind of energy, worlds apart from the calm life with Skye and Oakley but she did a fantastic job of distracting Oaks and she settled in to her new rural life of adventures with ease. In 2022 life as I knew it came to an abrupt halt when Oakley was suddenly taken ill and found to have a massive tumour on his heart. There was nothing that could be done to save him and yet again I had to say my goodbyes.
Amber is now a little older, slightly calmer and better behaved and has settled fine to being an only dog. We continue Skye and Oakley’s adventurous legacy by getting out into the hills, woods, mountains and rivers whenever possible, often bringing a tent or a tarp and hammock along for a night under the stars and now she is ready to undertake this massive challenge with me!

The Charities:

As you’ll be aware by now I quite like dogs…
My lot have got me through some incredibly hard times and that’s why I want to give back to some dogs who go above and beyond dedicating and often risking their lives to making the world a better places for us humans. Choosing the charities was incredibly tough with so many deserving causes but these are the 3 we will be fundraising for:

Hero Paws:
Providing military working dogs and service dogs with a happy retirement through rehabilitation and retraining.
Registered Charity (SC051486)

The National Foundation for Retired Service Animals is a registered charity (1200949) supporting retired dogs and horses from the police, fire, prison and border force services by helping with medical and veterinary bills, which inevitably occur as they get older.

SARDA Wales:
National Search and Rescue Dogs Association Wales are a specialist Search Dog component of Mountain Rescue. When a person is missing in a rural or mountain environment a dog team will be much more efficient at finding them than a search team made up of people only. If the missing person is ill, injured or vulnerable this added speed and efficiency can make the difference between life and death. Dog teams can also operate effectively in thick cloud or darkness where people struggle.
Reg charity (506056)

Prizes for supporters!

As an extra incentive to anybody who donates here for these amazing causes I will be running a prize draw after the walk. I have already spoken with some companies who will be donating some fantastic prizes and I'm approaching a lot more over the coming weeks and months. A list of prizes and sponsors will all be posted a little nearer the time and will also be shared on our social media (links coming soon) so look out for updates. In the meantime if you decide to sponsor early please tick the box that allows me to see your contact details as this will allow me to enter you into the draw.

Thanks for your support, Emma and Amber!



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  • Htmlstream
    1 week, 6 days

    Linda Everitt

    Wishing you and Amber good luck for your training and great success in achieving your goal.

    £ 10.00

  • Htmlstream
    2 weeks, 1 day

    Keith Lake

    Wishing you great success on this wonderful journey

    £ 10.00

  • Htmlstream
    2 weeks, 1 day

    John Warnes

    Good luck and best wishes for your challenge :)

    £ 10.00

  • Htmlstream
    2 weeks, 2 days

    Jodie Venables

    Hi Em, hope you smash it!

    £ 10.00

  • Htmlstream
    2 weeks, 2 days


    Nice challenge Emma!

    £ 20.00 (+£5.00)

  • Htmlstream
    2 weeks, 3 days

    Nan and Grandad

    £ 20.00 (+£5.00)

  • Htmlstream
    2 weeks, 3 days

    Edward Podesta

    £ 10.00 (+£2.50)