FLM Goes to Paris

Friday 24th May 2024

FLM Goes to Paris

Team FLM have decided to take on the challenge of the mean feat that is London to Paris to help raise funds for two amazing causes that are very close to our hearts.

First is Blood Cancer UK. This is a charity who have done some amazing work over the years and play an integral part in not only finding cures but also supporting those who have gone through the terrible illness. Recently, they played a crucial role in supporting our very own Ben Smith's sister Chloe and their whole family. Chloe had no symptoms other than a rash on her leg which she went to A&E for at which point her life was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with a form of Blood Cancer.

After some gruelling treatment she is back on the mend and it was her who instigated the idea to do something amazing for the charity as a thank you.

Chloe is one of the most positive and upbeat people you will ever meet and she hasn't lost that spark despite everything thanks to the support she received during her treatment.

Our second cause is Mind CHWF. This is a cause that FLM holds very dear and they do amazing work to support those who work within in stressful environments in and around the City with their mental health.

Mental Health impacts all of us in a variety of different ways. Its one of those issues that we may not even realise we are suffering from until it is too late and Mind CHWF work hard to educate individuals as well as businesses to understand the problems, the symptoms, the signs to look out for so we can help those who are suffering as early as possible.

Mind CHWF focuses on the vicinity of the City and its surroundings where stress levels are probably at their highest.

As ambassadors of FLM, we want to use this event to help raise awareness and funds for these two fabulous causes and so any donation you can make, big or small will go a long way to help us meet our target!

* All funds raised will be split equally between both causes.



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