Thursday 15th June 2023

John Doe Giorgos Kousoulos


Small amount to save my house and land from greedy bank.

I will be loosing my house and land, of must 30.000 euros, while I was OK to my responsibilities.

I was paying my loan till the corona virus lock down, which caused the company I had been working for almost 20 years to shut down.

For a mistake by the government I wasn't allowed any benefits or support so I couldn't pay my utility bills let alone my loan.

I asked alot of times to get my loan to freeze, but the banks answer was that I needed to find work in order to do that, which of course due to the lock down, was not possible.

A year after I found a job and I continued to pay my loan regularly.

However due to the penalties of this one year, the interest went up to 9% which no matter how much I paid, my loan was increasing.

Coming to today, where they are parking for 30.000 euros on 4 months (The loan was 25.000) otherwise they will evict me.

Please help me, any small donation will help me get my house back.

Thank you



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