Dyce-ing with Danger: a Plane Stupid idea!

Event date: Sept. 3, 2022

Dyce-ing with Danger: a Plane Stupid idea!

Event date: Sept. 3, 2022

After a couple of years where I haven't looked after my fitness too carefully, I've decided to jump head first into a charity running challenge- the Aberdeen Runway Run! It's not the longest distance, but I'm sure it will still be a real challenge given my level of running experience (close to zero!).

Training has already started, including sessions joined by my crazy cocker spaniel, Jett (who would probably complete the distance in half the time!).

My aim is to finish with a respectable time and to build the foundation for increased stamina and possibly more challenges in the future. The charities that have been selected (Friends of ANCHOR, We Too and Kayleigh's Wee Stars) will make a real difference in the North East of Scotland- and their hard work is motivating me to keep up with the training.

I'm looking forward to getting onto the runway, as it's a pretty unique opportunity. However, since the run takes place at midnight, it might be a bit cold! That's what makes your part easy; you just need to give a few quid for some great causes whilst you stay nice and warm :).

Thanks for taking the time to read, I hope I can count on your support!



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Daniel Laird


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    20 hours, 45 minutes

    Pat Stringer

    Best of luck with it. Here's to a safe landing!


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    2 days, 13 hours


    Good Luck!

    £10.00 (+£2.50)

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    2 days, 14 hours

    John Laird

    Daniel the only time I can remember you running was towards a bag of chips. Anyway make sure you train properly. Your old uncle can give you some pointers!

    £20.00 (+£5.00)

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    6 days, 12 hours

    Andrew Stepien

    All the best, hope you runway past your expectations. Train hard, don't wing it. Hopefully it'll fly past and not be a Boeing run!

    £10.00 (+£2.50)