Giving Nutritious Foods To The Poor Rural Mothers (Company)

Thursday 25th May 2023

Giving Nutritious Foods To The Poor Rural Mothers (Company)

Its high time you showed humanity for the poor pregnant mothers who live with poverty in rural areas of Bangladesh.

This country is still unable to meet the need of nutrition for the mothers who are living in rural areas. Malnutrition is a significant public health issue in Bangladesh, affecting both children and adults. Despite considerable progress in recent years, malnutrition remains a serious concern due to various socio-economic factors, limited access to nutritious food, and inadequate healthcare services. Here are some key points regarding malnutrition in Bangladesh:

Child Malnutrition in Bangladesh has one of the highest rates of child malnutrition globally. According to UNICEF, around 36% of children under the age of five in Bangladesh are stunted (short for their age), 14% are wasted (thin for their height), and 33% are underweight. Malnutrition in early childhood can lead to irreversible physical and cognitive impairments, affecting a child's overall development and potential.

There are several factors contribute to malnutrition in Bangladesh. Poverty, limited access to safe and nutritious food, inadequate sanitation and hygiene practices, lack of breastfeeding, improper infant and young child feeding practices, and limited healthcare services are some of the primary causes. Frequent natural disasters like floods and cyclones also exacerbate the problem by disrupting food production and access.

If these mothers get proper food supply, they will never suffer from malnutrition issue. Thus the mother and the new born baby both will be safe. The child death rate and disabled child born can be reduced. Even mothers will remain healthy and free from anemia that causes lack of blood and weakness during pregnancy.

Our organization SPHR has listed a single union named (Amjhupi) where they have found 1000 women who are pregnant. Every day they need meals to fulfill their needs of nutrition. We would like to provide each family a package of food on monthly basis and the food chart is given below:

1. A sack of 50KG floor - Costs- 3000(BDT)($30)
2. A sack of 50KG Rice- Costs-2500(BDT)($25)
3. A sack of 50KG Pulse-Costs-2000(BDT)($20)
4. Banana, Orange, Apple (1Catoon)-Costs-5000(BDT)($50)
5. Milk-30KG - Costs-3000(BDT)

In this way we will keep it continue for 3 months.


Abu Abid (Executive Director & Founder)
Society For The Promotion Of Human Rights (SPHR)
Contact :
Mobile : +8801687844456 (Wattsapp)



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