5p per signup to UK charities hit by Covid-19

GiveWheel is a new platform launching in 2021, focused on a better donor experience. Support multiple charities in a single transaction or fundraising, quantify your impact and earn rewards. Plus, no platform fees are taken from donations!

*For every email signup, we will donate 5p to charity. Refer friends for early access to the platform.


Create a GiveWheel

Easily set up recurring donations to multiple charities and choose the amount donated to each.


Track your impact

Quantify and visualise the impact of your donations and the difference you make.


Take actions

Complete actions such as bike-commuting, and quantify your planetary impact.


Unlock Rewards

Whatever you're able to donate, your contribution earns you points that you can redeem for Rewards.

piggy bank

Thanks for helping to fund life-changing research!

Donate to, or fundraise for an unlimited number of charities. 0% platform fees on every donation.

Set up an event or recurring donation. Choose as many charities as you want and split your contribution between each using our GiveWheel UI. GiveWheel charges no platform fees, ensuring that your contribution can have the impact you intended.

data analysis

You've paid for 5 nights in a homeless shelter!

You've funded 20 mosquito nets!

Track, Quantify and Visualise, the impact of your donations and see the difference you make.

We put all your charity in one place. Combined with data provided by each organisation, you will receive a personalised impact report which provides an indication of every pound donated.


You've earned a 20% discount code!

Making altruism reciprocal, through discounts, rewards, badges and recognition

Who said giving has to be one way? At GiveWheel, we make altriusm reciprocal by translating your activity into points and badges, which can be redeemed for a number of Vouchers and Offers. You give to your cause, we give back to you.

planetary impact

Your run-commuting has saved 4 tonnes of Co2!

Individual actions, planetary impact. Quantify the impact of lifestyle choices.

Choose from a range of social and lifestyle actions such as bike commuting or volunteering in the community. Quantify and visualise the impact of your actions and share your successes with friends and family.