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Charity Fundraising checklist

How to boost your fundraising

Use this checklist to help boost your fundraising and ensure that you get the most out of GiveWheel’s fundraising features.

Have you:

  • Added a photo? Fundraisings with a picture (and user profile picture) raise more on average.
  • Set a target? Setting a target is a great way to kick-start your fundraising, and encourage more donations to help you hit your goal.
  • Added a fundraising summary? Make sure your supporters know what you're doing and why. We suggest providing a short reason for each charity you are supporting.
  • Added updates? Keep your page updated and share updates regularly with your reporters
  • Custom design - we add an editor onto our fundraising pages, so that users can customise colours, emphasise text and much more. Taking advantage of these features helps to differentiate your page.
  • Shared your page with your company? If your company has a GiveWheel account, you can publicise your fundraising with your colleagues and request matched funding automatically through the platform.